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11 septembre 2023 – So…

I speak English and I am looking for support. I was effected by physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. I managed to get out of the situation physically and distance myself but it’s affecting me emotionally and psychologically and I need professional help.

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You’ve lived through a tremendous amount of abuse and managed to get out of that situation. You’re now struggling with how this is still affecting you both emotionally and psychologically and have turned to us to get some clues as in how to have access to professional help.

We would like to begin by congratulating you, giving yourself the means to get out of such a damaging relationship is an extremely arduous task. It’s an important and meaningful step to take but the one that you’re taking as of now, asking for help with what’s to come, is both brave and smart.

If you haven’t had any contact with them yet, we’d suggest that you get in touch with a counselling service. Those work under the Victim Support Act, LAVI (Loi fédérale sur l’aide aux victimes d’infrations) in french or OHG (Opferhilfegesetz) in german. This law is specific to people who have suffered direct harm to their physical, psychological or sexual integrity. Under the Victim Support Act, victims are entitled to assistance from counselling services from professionals on several matters whether they’d be legalfinancialsocial or psychological.

In the Canton of Valais, there are two counselling services in either SionMaison Santé Chablais de Collombey-Muraz (027 607 31 00) or Brig-Glis (027 946 85 32). They all offer the possibility of either consulting over the phone or arrange an appointment depending on what makes you the most comfortable.

Also, since 2021 the costs of psychotherapy are primarily covered by the Swiss compulsory health insurance. We thus suggest that, if you’re open to it, you turn to your physician and ask for a medical prescription. Having a space dedicate to talking about what you’ve lived through and getting some tools to deal with it might be key to your healing process.

We’re hoping that these will put on you on the trail of the help that you’re seeking. We naturally remain at your disposal for further questions, thank you for your trust and wish you the best.

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