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Are you a victim or perpetrator of violence, or do you know someone around you who has domestic violence? Do not stay alone with your suffering.

You live a difficult, painful situation. You feel lonely and helpless. Do you have a question, do you miss information, or just want to tell what you are going through? Experienced professionals will listen to you and answer you on this site.

The website is based in Switzerland. Only internet users residing in Switzerland can receive a personalized response.

To find useful addresses in France, you can contact the “Association Solidarité Femmes” (Women’s Solidarity Association), INAVEM or the toll-free number 3919. For those who commit violence, the FNACAV is available to help.

The European network WAVE is also available to help you find the contact information for organizations close to you that can provide concrete help for your situation if you wish.

Personal advice

On, you can anonymously ask all the questions that concern you to people specializing in helping victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Their experience allows them to understand the complexity of your situation and to support you. You will receive advice advised, adapted to your particular context.

Your situation is getting the most attention

You may think that your situation is not so bad, that you have to leave room for those who “really need it”. Know that your situation is as important as others. This site is for all those affected by violence, we have time to devote to you.

You’re an immigrant in Switzerland and you have a legal question

You’re a Swiss immigrant, you are living with violence in your couple, and you would like some legal advice? Feel free to contact us.

- For the canton of Bern:
Centre social protestant (CSP) –

- For the canton of Fribourg:
Caritas –

- For the canton of Geneva:
Centre social protestant (CSP) –

- For the canton of Jura:
Centre social protestant (CSP) –

- For the canton of Neuchâtel:
Caritas –

- For the canton of Valais:
Centre Suisse – Immigrés –

- For the canton of Vaud:
The Fraternité du Centre social protestant (CSP) –

How to ask a question

To ask a question, just register on our site with a username and password. The service is free. If you do not have access yet, you can register in the Espace Perso (personal space) below. It’s very simple and very fast. You can then ask your question and we will answer you in the best time. Usually, our response time is three business days, however, for questions in languages other than French, it may take a little longer. In order to see our response, you need to sign-in to your account with your username then click on “Mon compte” (My Account).

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