Violence can take on many forms

The abuse can be psychological, physical, sexual or economic. The different forms generally appear gradually and then coexist.

Psychological violence

In private or in public
Insults, belittling or derogatory remarks, humiliations, screaming, threats, surveillance and control, bullying, abuse

Physical violence

Beatings, holding by force, shaking, twisting arms, pushing roughly, biting, injuring with a weapon, etc.

Economic violence

If the victim is an employee: obstructing or removing financial authority, controlling the budget, not contributing to expenses, taking ownership of goods without consent, forcing to resign, etc.

If the victim is not an employee: rationing, giving an insufficient household allowance, forcing the victim to beg for every bit of money, requiring accounts for every cent spent on the slightest purchase, preventing the victim from getting a job, etc.

Sexual violence

Sexual harassment, humiliation during intercourse (insults, using objects, etc.), physical attacks during intercourse, forced sexual acts (pornographic material, sodomy, intercourse with third parties), rape, etc.

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