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Are you a victim or perpetrator of violence, or do you know someone in your circle who is suffering from domestic abuse? Don’t suffer on your own.

You are going through a difficult and painful period. You feel alone and powerless. Are you worried about something, do you need information, or do you simply want to confide what you are going through? Experienced professionals will listen to you and answer you on this site.

Personal advice

On you can anonymously ask to a team of professionals questions on any matters that you are worried about. Their experience enables them to understand how complex your situation is and to support you. You will receive sound advice based on your particular situation.

Your situation deserves the utmost consideration

You may think that your situation is not that serious, that you must make way for others who "really need it". You should know that your situation deserves as much consideration as anyone else’s. This site is aimed at all people affected by violence; we have time for you.

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